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Factor XPTO: Let the land speak

People say great wines are born from difficult conditions. Colares is as harsh as it gets. Dry soils, strong Atlantic winds, high humidity and heavily clouded weather. The ungrafted vines grow lower than usual, near the ground, sheltered by the warmth of the region’s sandy soils. These are handcrafted vines, old fashion viticulture.

Nothing brothers Pedro and Nuno Ramilo weren’t aware of when, in 2013, they were challenged by their father to embrace a family tradition of 4 generations. They said yes, but with one condition: from that moment on, they would not be just another wine producer, making good wines, that don’t stand out. They rebuilt the family estates, saved old vines and planted new ones, always in a deep respect for the past traditions.

Nowadays, Nuno Ramilo, the younger brother, with the help of winemakers Jorge Mata and Prof, Virgilio Loureiro, farms 10 hectares of vineyard in two estates located on the Portuguese coastline between Colares and Mafra. His wines deeply reflect the area they are grown in, respecting the grape varieties and the ancestral wine making methods of the region, resulting in unusual freshness, minerality and salinity.