Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates in simplesmente… Vinho 2021, in one way or another, must comply with this Code of Conduct. This includes vignerons, visitors, sponsors, organizers, volunteers and event staff.

The Code of Conduct applies before and during the event (including related activities such as social events).

Why do we have a Code of Conduct?

We are going through a period of calamity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this Code of Conduct is particularly important in preventing and reducing the risk and is essential so that simplesmente… Vinho 2021 can be held safely for all participants.

Prevention and Risk Reduction Measures

1. Access to the event will be conditioned by the measurement of body temperature using an infrared device with a normal result (less than 37.5 ºC), both for employees and visitors;

2. Maintain, whenever possible, a physical distance of 2 meters between vignerons, other visitors and staff;

3. Strengthen prevention measures, namely in relation to the physical distance of 2 meters between people, during breaks and meals for employees and, whenever possible, at different times;

4. It is mandatory to wear a mask throughout the venue, except for the moment of tasting;

5. In order to contribute to limiting the transmission of COVID-19, all visitors must ensure the following measures:

a) Sanitize hands with an alcohol-based solution or with soap and water at the entrance and exit of the event;

b) Respect the distance between people of at least 2 meters (except cohabitants) in the wine tasting queues, if it is busy, in the queue that can be generated for the food tasting/payment tables at the counter, as well as at the tables in the dining area (terrace).

c) Comply with respiratory etiquette measures;

d) Use the mask while waiting for service, always using it properly in accordance with the recommendations of the WHO;

e) Avoid touching unnecessary surfaces and objects;

f) Do not change the orientation of tables and chairs.

Other norms are important for everyone to feel safe and included.

We want to establish the expectation that unpleasant behaviour is not acceptable. That way, people who go through an unpleasant experience know that it’s not the norm nor is it acceptable to us as a community. We ask each participant to keep the community in mind and do their best to promote a positive environment for everyone, which includes:

  • Be kind and considerate to others, behaving civilly
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language
  • Respect different views and experiences
  • Accepting constructive criticism with elegance
  • Some people may not want to be filmed or photographed – respect their wishes, be extra careful when posting photos.

For any further clarification, please contact the event team at reception.

simplesmente… Thanks for your attention,

together we will be able to enjoy an excellent simplesmente… Vinho 2021.