Cortes de Cima




Anna Jorgensen

Fator XPTO: The Times They are A-Changin’

Change to do something different is not new in this family. Anna Jorgensen is a 2nd generation winemaker at Cortes de Cima, Vidigueira. It was her decision to make the transition to organic, upon her return to Alentejo in 2019, where she had grown up Alentejana, Danish, American, Portuguese. Sometimes you have to go around the world to return to the place where you grew up, and see it again with a new meaning. 

In Cortes de Cima, now is the time to let Nature do its work. Wine starts in the vineyard and that’s where you can already see the differences. Vineyards worked with Nature, the soil fertilized naturally. The vegetation that takes care of the vines, the soil that fertilizes itself, the land that takes care of itself, under watchful eye. Irrigation is rarely used. Less is more. More for the wine, more for the land, more for biodiversity. 

LOUR-INHO is produced in limited quantities from the vineyards planted in the cool sands of the Atlantic coast, in Vila Nova de Milfontes. Alvarinho and Loureiro harvested by hand at night, spontaneous fermentation, aged in Slovenian foudre and barrel, presents itself as a new label from Cortes de Cima. 

DAQUI is a wine that was born out of a process of creative freedom, in homage to the heritage of talha wine, in Vidigueira, where every year during the harvest some talhas are filled. In the end, the team choses their favorite talha and launches DAQUI, a wine that doesn’t follow the rules. Every year a new wine emerges, born from the history of that particular vintage, to share in 1L bottle with friends.