Adega Artesanal




Hugo Oliveira e Silva

XPTO Factor: Tradition is more than being part of History: knowledge and experience are the result of centuries of trial, error and decision, they are today’s technologies – the key to making timeless wines.

The Adega Artesanal is immaterial, intangible – it is present in many places, where ancient vines have been worked by generations of dedicated people, where the fruits of these vines now turn into wine…

This is Hugo and Adega Artesanal’s project. Since 2011, Hugo has been producing small amounts of wine in a more personal way, aware of the inspiration that comes from affective memories and the winemaking tradition. The aim is simple: modern wines produced in a traditional way, with a minimum of technology, from vines of respectable age, local varieties, the result of cooperation and friendship between people who work the soil, the vines and the wines.

The project started in the Douro, with Boango and Ofícios, jumped to Vinhos Verdes, with Matriarca, and slowly expanded to other vineyards and regions.