Vítor Claro

Various regions of Portugal

Vítor Claro

XPTO Factor: Simple wines.

Vitor Claro live:

“First, it is necessary to explain that Dominos are the result of a growing passion.
It is born from contact with various producers. It was born from the day I tasted the first great wine for the first time. A great wine. In the right company, it triggered a desire.

Knowing more wines, styles and philosophies became a natural complement to my work: the kitchen. It started to have a very strong presence at the table. And to occupy the time I had to study and discover this world. It became the goal of travel, to discover more producers and more ideas.
And the table would get always richer.

Dominos are born from seeing a vineyard once and thinking: if you make a wine, it has to be from a vineyard like that. This vineyard, located in the idyllic natural park of Serra de São Mamede, in the northern Alentejo beirão. Atypical altitude for what we understand as Alentejo wines, warm and smooth, Dominos are born out of the plain, where the grapes from the old vines have a life of their own.
Far from consensus, it is my wine and reflects the philosophy I believe in today.
A light wine. Rustic. With personality.
I also look for it a lot in my kitchen. A wine with “identity”.
Or, simply… Wine.”

(n. ed. – although today Vitor Claro has other wines, Celestino, Colmeal, dominoes, Foxtrot, Las Vedras…, this statement of principles is simply… valid for all of them, adapting to each terroir !)