Vinhos Imperfeitos




Carlos Raposo

Factor XPTO: First you feel then you fall.

From an early age, Carlos Raposo realized his connection with nature, which led him to study viticulture and oenology in Bairrada. At the age of 20 he left for France, where he studied for seven years in Bordeaux and Bourgogne, having worked during that period in France, Spain, USA and Australia. In 2011, at the age of 27, he definitely came back to Portugal to work with Dirk Niepoort in Batuta, Coche, Robustus and Redoma. But also, Turris and all the other projects he took on, from Dão to Vinho Verde.

In 2018, he returned to his origins, creating his own project called Vinhos Imperfeitos. Carlos is a native of the Dão region, he knows the potential of the region very well and has long idealized the wines he wants to make there: “I love whites that are fresh, mineral, complex, deep and reds with a hint of rusticity, forest and spices. I believe that the Dão region is perfect for this type of wines, always thinking about the aging potential, in the whites and reds made by Eng. Cardoso de Vilhena at the Centro de Estudos Vitivinícolas do Dão, a world reference, at the level of the best wines in the world, very close to the sky… simplesmente… that’s what I want to do!”

For Carlos “We are only entitled to one life and this must be fulfilled making small dreams come true. Thus, it is worth living!”. After the creation of Vinhos Imperfeitos, now is the time for WWW wines: World Wild Wines. This new project is based on the dream of making wines in any country and region in the world and having an opportunity to create unique wines. This desire is old and its fulfilment is facilitated by having worked in the four corners of the world and created strong friendships during these times of travel. An example title, a Saint-Émilion wine (Bordeaux), made in the “fashion” of Carlos Raposo, will soon be available on the market. It will always be the philosophy of the WWW to create fine, elegant and precise wines, wines where the imagination will have no limits. Since Carlos is from the Dão, the first wines to be launched on the market will be two whites and two reds from this region.