Vinhos APRT3


Várias Regiões de Portugal

Diogo Yebra, Luis Formiga, Guilherme Maia

Fator XPTO: GRAPE ART, In Vino Disorder

Wine was the driving force that combined a nurse, a sommelier and an agronomist. And, the dream started with a barrel left apart.
Starting from scratch in an unoccupied garage (no vineyard, no winery and no equipment), we made our first wines, in improvised lagares and buckets to rack the juice.
Experimentation pushed the project, with a provocative and contemporary vision. We want to make our products more inclusive and special, by merging young artists visions with the art of winemaking.

The goal? To show that we can do the same as the wine industry, but without make-up and preventive additions. We harvest everything by hand, by ourselves and with the help of friends and family, in order to maintain quality. Not having a vineyard allows us to search for Portuguese iconic varieties in their best terroirs.
The project turned into a business when we started exporting our wines, and today we are present in every continent. In 2021 we bought an abandoned winery and an old vineyard of Castelão, and after 5 harvest and 25’000 bottles produced in 2021, we still keep our daily jobs to build our growth.

To complete our concept, we stand by sustainability (low carbon footprint bottles and zero plastic in our labels and packages), and in the future we aim to have a self-sustainable winery.
Above all, we want to give a positive example and to encourage others to do the same.