Viti, Vini, Vici



Thomaz Vieira da Cruz

Thomaz in direct speech:

“The protagonist is the wine, but this is not a book about wine. Don’t look for an oenology manual here. You won’t find it. Read me instead as a tour with wine, a life with wine.

I hope it will be for you a book of useful generalities, not of useless platitudes. The objective was to simplify what is often presented as not simple. If this book serves for even one person to demystify and demystify wine, it has already been worth publishing it.

Warning: this is not a self-help book! This book, if it were against anything, it would be against any breed of gurus. This is a book by wine. There are moments for everything in wine. But there are few moments like having a glass of wine in your hand, forgetting that you have a glass of wine in your hand. More important than boasting knowledge about wine is having genuine satisfaction in knowing wine.

That’s what wine is for, that’s why I wrote this book. Satisfied, I release it. Read me without moderation.”