This text is about three people. Chance brought them together and having found the experience of testing the possibility of metal and voice interesting. A saxophone, a trumpet and a voice. They got together again for a second time in an open rehearsal, after a few long months. Since then they have been presenting themselves as SUMA. It’s just that both the trumpeter and the saxophonist have the surname Silva and the voice recognized as Um Mal Amado, therefore SUMA for Silvas and Um Mal Amado.
They all have experiences in different formations and found in this project a path that they see as vast. Cláudio Martins is a trumpeter and travels the world playing different styles. Now that he has stopped in Portuguese lands after many African connections, it is possible to hear João Capinha in concerts throughout Portugal, also in different musical styles. Both have a special affinity for jazz. Paulo Amado is a writer, still lost in the world of gastronomy, with two books published.
SUMA’s music varies between the mystery and introspection of energetic metal, making room for a voice of today that speaks about love and cities, the economy and memory constructions. From the pamphlet to the Bible story, it’s music to stop the dancing.