Sem Igual


Vinho Verde


João Camizão e Leila Rocha

XPTO factor: half a dozen Ramadas and 2 dozen Bardos with Arinto and Azal, some potions of oriental inspiration and 6 months in stainless in the end = ours without equal …

If you knew João, you would understand why he would like to do a Sem Igual start with…Sem Igual means “Not Igual” or “Different from all Others” – It was chosen to define a vinho verde that is not a traditional style made with the local grapes of Arinto and Azal. The sophisticated and minimalist look and approach, was to meet the simplicity and beauty of the wine, which is basically a non fizzy wine, bodied, extremelly dry, that needs time in the bottle, with high level of acidity and a long finish.

Being the 4th generation of wine producers, and after 3 years on the IT world in India, João came back inspired to create Sem Igual with the lovely support of the family.

After some success since 2012, loved by some and hated by many others, and with a little bit of crazyness, João installed in 2016 about 1 ha of red varieties, such as Baga, with the promise of hard work especially in the vineyard to present us a few years from now a red, or a rosé, or even … simply … a sparkling wine.

Talking about sparkling wine, which is already aging since 2015, Sem Igual has now to offer: a “natural” wine called Sem Mal, a white wine making malolactic fermentation in bottle (a unfiltered wine with low sulfur), the Sem Igual Ramadas Metal and the Sem Igual Ramadas Wood, both wines from older vines, the first one with fermentation and stage in 100% stainless steel tank and the second one ending the fermentation and stage in french oak used barrels.

Stay tuned, because with the extreme rigor in the vineyard, going through some madness in the cellar, from here you can only expect different wines that will end in ecstasy in the mouth!