Sem Igual


Vinho Verde


João Camizão e Leila Rocha

Fator XPTO: half a dozen Ramadas and 2 dozen Bardos with #Arinto and #Azal, some oriental-inspired powders and 6 months in stainless steel at the end = our sem igual…

It was back in 2012, after a stay in India that served as inspiration, and with only 600 bottles, that it was decided to produce the first Sem Igual (meaning “unparalleled”) white wine. Now it’s 2022 and the challenge continues…

There’s a new winery in the village of Meinedo, Lousada (since July 2021), with a tasting room overlooking the vineyards and the “magic” room. “Wine begins in the vineyard and finishes in the mouth. Our focus is on the vine and on the palate”

 The project has always sought to be different, using the region’s local varieties: Pedernã (Arinto) and Azal, but also others grapes such as Baga in the Vinho Verde region!! And it is from the viticulture heritage, that already exists in the family, that Sem Igual wines emerge with Innovation and History.

 The goal is to decode the Vinho Verde Region. Here, in Meinedo, it’s already possible to have wine tastings from fresh white wines to white wines from old ramadas, that are structured and complex; from sparkling wines, classical made and those traditional ones that follow the “bottle it and pray” practise; from pink ones that are not made to be drunk by the pool and, finally, from reds, for those who don’t like reds! It makes you think…?!

With wines that are done rigorously in the vineyard and that go through some madness in the cellar, you can only expect different wines that will end in ecstasy  the mouth. The experience doesn’t end here though…imagine if, in this little corner of Portugal, you could also be offer the possibility of a unique stay….?