Rosarinho Cruz


Rosarinho Cruz is the daughter of the painter and sculptor António Cruz, a fact that has always influenced her artistic life. She has in genes a love of art. From an early childhood absorbed a particular sensitivity to the magic of life. Brushes and papers, clay and plaster were part of her favorite toys. From an early age she remembers making jewelry on wire, plate and screws and other incredible materials she discovered at the art school where her father taught.
She eventually graduated in Anthropology. Interested in the human factor and its relationships, she found in the course some answers to the psychic universe of the human being, and thus came to understand certain customs and rituals.
Today she realizes that unconsciously, the past years and all the stories she lived have influenced her way of interpreting her surroundings and composing her work. Rosarinho Cruz often states that “all my pieces have a story to tell, based on my way of interpreting the other, their experiences and their lifestyle”. Made of noble materials – gold (yellow) and bits of silver, diamonds and precious stones – the pieces that Rosarinho Cruz draws enchant, inspired by nature, the family and the people around it.
Inseparable, the watercolors merge in the trajectory of this artist. She loves to create a relationship between jewelry and watercolor, through the tones, transparencies, smoked and faded. When she creates a jewel or a watercolor, she gets carried away by the small gestures, the little things that make the difference: the complicity of a look, the shared ideas, the seasons, nature or a mood. When she paints a watercolor or draws a jewel, she does it too to see the work done. “My joy, my greatest pleasure, is not only in execution itself, it is not vice or work, it is pure necessity”, says Rosarinho Cruz.