Quinta do Mouro




Miguel Louro

Miguel Louro has been producing wine since 1994 and has never imagined that he would become one of the most respected wine producers in Portugal. With a stark and captivating personality, he is known for speaking his mind and challenging those who debate ideas with him. These traits of personality are transferred to every bottle of wine he produces. As such, his wines have a unique character, atypical for a region like Alentejo, due to their freshness and aging potential. Quinta do Mouro was bought in 1979, when Miguel Louro was only 26 years old. It was at that time that, Miguel Louro, a city dentist, started his new journey by moving to the Alentejo region and embracing new agriculture experiences and adventures. In 1989, he produced his first wine: Quinta do Mouro 1994 and a couple of years later, he produced Zagalos and Vinha do Mouro, which completed the rest of this wine portfolio. With a unique and bold approach, Quinta do Mouro wines combine science with poetry.