Quinta do Javali



Nagoselo do Douro

António Mendes e António Mendes Jr.

Factor XPTO: Small producers, big wines

António Mendes: “Quinta do Javali is a family company and our aim is to produce and sell high quality still wines, Porto wines (we are the smallest producer of Porto wines) and Douro olive oil.

Quinta do Javali is located in Nagoselo do Douro, a small village in São João da Pesqueira. It´s on the left bank of the Douro river. We have 30 hectares of vines with the traditional grapes of the region. We have 6 vineyards located in Nagoselo do Douro and Ervedosa do Douro. We produce about 75.000 litters per year.

Our wines represent our passion and vision of what the wines of the Douro and Port Wine should be – with enormous personality and character. We make wines that we like and that are pleasurable to drink.

We find inspiration in the beauty and tradition of the region. We use the tradition to make rustic, natural, unique and innovative wines using only grapes from our vineyards which we farm. All our vineyards are organic and we work in biodynamic. So we make organic/biodynamic wines.”