Quinta de San Michel




Alexandre Guedes

Factor XPTO: The wine that exudes authenticity & character.

Quinta de San Michel is in the village of Janas, Sintra, with a privileged view of all the Sintra Mountains. Integrated into the historical wine region of Colares, between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean and providing unique weather conditions, it was the starting point for a family project, characterized by limited production of exclusive wines, which express the terroir of the land and contribute to the economic and agricultural development of the region.  The vineyard was planted in an area of two hectares with three autochthonous grape varieties, Arinto and Malvasia de Colares, (the latter being one of the few grape varieties in the world to have survived the Phyloxera), and Galego Dourado which is widely used for the historic wines of Carcavelos. 

This year – 2023 – we planted 5 hectares, of which 2.5 hectares are dedicated to the main varieties of the Colares region – Malvasia de Colares and Ramisco, planted in typical sandy soils. We are also planning to build a new winery by 2025, which will be functional and focused essentially on sustainability, where we intend to apply techniques such as the retention of rainwater or even the movement of wines by gravity. 

With the mission to mark by the difference and by the sustainability, this local vineyard is focused, not only on having a positive impact on the economy of the region but also assumes the commitment to producing elegant wines, with beautiful acidity and a lot of nerve. 

Quinta de San Michel thus distinguishes itself by creating unique farm wines, in their flavors, aromas, and production, respecting historical and identity manual processes of the region, combining them with current mechanical processes, where scientific and environmentalist prevention of the vineyard is added to the fight against its disease. The result is the production of superior-quality wines. 

Quinta de San Michel was distinguished by Revista de Vinhos as the Revelation Producer of the Year 2022.