Ana Cardoso Pinto

In parallel with my Architecture profession, in 2011 I began my wine studies with a “Oenology and Wine Marketing” course at the University of California DAVIS (US), followed by a Sommelier course in Napa Valley, California in Culinary Institute of America (US).

In 2012 I joined my family winery – working in the vineyard, in the cellar, and in the sales and marketing area – even though since 2003 I participated with them in the harvest time!

Over time, the passion and desire to create my personal project emerged, and in 2019 I launched myself as a Winegrower, planting my own vineyards. While the vines were growing, in 2021 I launched my wine brand produced with independently vineyards, being since then more dedicated to my project.

The Purista project arises from a symbiosis between the two worlds that I am passionate about, Architecture & Wine, and which I consider both forms of Art.

As an Architect, I identify with a more “minimalist” / “purist” architectural language, and I wanted to create wines made in this style – an expression of the grape varieties in their Pure form, following a philosophy of minimal intervention both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Differentiated wines, irreverent, expressive of the year of harvest and which are presented in their purest state, expressing the authenticity of the aromas and flavors of national grape varieties well marked by this microclimate, under strong Atlantic influence and with the typicality of this terroir.

A kind of “Liquid Architecture” that provokes sensations when experienced and shared.