Paulo Coutinho Vigneron



Celeirós do Douro

Paulo Coutinho

Factor XPTO: Wine is not made for winemakers and their friends alone, but I wish I will always have plenty of them to share it with.

Small personal project of just 2 ha of vineyard, that represents 65% of the total area. Includes also an olive grove, elderberry production and bush areas.

The vineyard production is certified organic, and in 2023 it will also be complete the certification for the olive grove (acquired in the meantime).

The philosophy behind the production involves a holistic and regenerative approach, by using maceration or fermentation of plants in the spray treatments, and by the development and propagation of microbiology in the soil. The vineyards are divided into two distinct areas, one at higher altitude for the production of whites grapes, and the other one, much more within the Douro region and with more exposure to the sun, for the reds.
The Douro white is Vinha do Borrajo and the Douro red is Vinha da Fonte. A third brand was developed based on the two parcels, using juice from the reds and grape skins from the whites… named Fusion!

Says Paulo: ”As I am quite an experimentalist, we have an experimental series, that is the result of some experiences on the winery, which goes by the name of Da Terra … ao Copo!”.