Orly Lumbreras Viñador


Sierra de Gredos

Navalmoral de la Sierra

Orly Lumbreras

Orly Lumbreras. From communication to elaboration. Feel and live the free wines, love the countryside, observe it, listen to it and pamper it.

For years I felt the wine talking about him on the Radio; knowing great artisans, great vignerons who left their skin for their vineyards. And I was transformed, dreaming of being able to transmit my soul and my Rock & Roll in each glass of wine, make enjoy, make vibrate, and recover those wild, almost centennial vineyards that I found in the most inhospitable and indomitable places of Gredos (Ávila, less than an hour from Madrid).

I prepared myself, I studied at the Escuela de la Vid, in Madrid, and since 2013 I started to build a small winery, very passionate, very personal, in Navalmoral de la Sierra, Gredos.
Garnacha, in red wines, and Albillo Real in white wines, with the incorporation of some Chasselas Doré.
My commitment is to work for the recovery of the vineyard, the Grenache in Gredos, more specifically in the area of ​​Navalmoral de la Sierra. Work to not lose the small hawthorns that were planted 70-80 years ago and that the depopulation will lead to its decline. In that passion we are already 30 small hawthorns recovered, returning to be productive, worked following traditional agriculture, very marked by the biodynamic foundations, fleeing from any chemical or systemic product that can poison our land and our fields.

In the cellar, pure craftsmanship. There is no human intervention; I always prefer to talk about accompaniment. Open tubs, recovery of earthen jars of the last century, treading with the feet, always keep in mind the traditions of our elders and apply them these days, pamper the grape, minimum extractions. What are we looking for?? Seductive wines, elegant, expressive, honest and personal and that give us the personality of the terroir.
We also work with whites under the same premises: whole grapes, de-stemmed, daily trodden and works with skins → CHARACTER.

Orly Lumbreras Viñador a dream that becomes reality every day.
I dream that since 2015 it has spread to another emotional, wild, untamable area: Ribeira Sacra, vineyards in the area of ​​Vilachá de Salvadur. Making a very personal wine, VERTIXE, and starting this year 2018, launching our own winery, ADEGA SERNANDE, a space where we can transfer our personal feeling of this unique natural space such as the Ribeira Sacra (Galicia).