Nanclares y Prieto Viticultores


Rías Baixas (Galicia)


Alberto Nanclares y Silvia Prieto

Factor XPTO: Farmers, artisans, restless and curious. Simple, honest, respectful wines, born from our intuition, inspired by our history.

Due to its smallholdings, Galicia is a mosaic of micro-plots and Rías Baixas is a kingdom of autochthonous white and red varieties such as: Albariño, Caiño, Espadeiro, Loureiro… which we cultivate in the most respectful way that we know how and can, trying to honor the fragile ecosystems.

In each of our 65 plots we harvest when we consider that it is at its optimum point. Our philosophy is one of maximum respect for the grapes and minimal intervention in the wines, without using any type of additive except sulfites. Each tank ferments with its own yeasts, without using a pied de cuve that could homogenize the wines, and we keep it on its lees until it is bottled.

Our innovation is to elaborate as before. For this reason, in reds and some whites, we tread the grapes with our feet, as a way of breaking the softest grain and without damaging the stem, in addition to recovering the use of chestnut barrels (old and new).

We like that each wine transmits and speaks of our terroir, our climate and ourselves, for this, each label tells a page of our history, like a frame from the film by Nanclares and Prieto…