Susana Lopes

Factor XPTO: Respect for the terroir and authenticity in what we produce.

Muxagat Vinhos, was born from a desire to explore a unique terroir in the Douro, showing its true potential. In an improvised garage, in 2002, the first Muxagat tinto was created, right in the valley of the Douro Superior, in a village called Muxagata. Over the years, this project has grown, creating more references and experimenting with others. Currently, Muxagat Vinhos, is a family company with its own winery in Mêda, where most of the grapes come from to make wines well balanced between freshness and acidity.

Susana Lopes is the face Muxagat but the whole family is involved, also with the help of Ana Sofia Silva, resident winemaker, and consultant Luis Seabra.

The philosophy of this project is based on minimal intervention in the cellar. Without the addition of yeast, the grapes are fermented in order to maintain the originality of each variety respecting its terroir. Muxagat Vinhos has 9 brands on the market, 3 whites, 1 rose and 5 reds, all of them very distinct and characteristic of the region.

The true origin will always be honoured maintaining the respect for the terroir and the care with which each liter is made. At Muxagat nothing is done at random…