Meskhishvili Family Winery



Kvemo Lisi

Ilia Meskhishvili e Archil Shinjikashvili

Factor XPTO: Our philosophy is to produce wine as naturally as possible, using only wild yeast, with minimal interference, and avoiding the use of chemicals, enhancing the wine aroma.

The culture and traditions related to wine are pervasive throughout Georgian society, and the Meskhishvili family is no exception, with cousins Ilia and Archil representing the fourth generation of wine producers.

In 2018, they decided to start producing commercial wine, with the construction of a small winery near Lake Lisi, in the municipality of Mtskheta, on the outskirts of Tbilisi. The work in the vineyards (with a minimum age of 40 years, in the Kakheti region) follows the principles of the natural philosophy, with minimal intervention. In the winery, all fermentations occur through the action of wild yeast, and there is great care for hygiene. Before each harvest, all elements that will come into contact with the grapes and the must are meticulously cleaned.

The vinification process takes place in qvevri, a Georgian amphora, buried in the ground. According to Ilia, “in Georgia, we have a peculiar habit to assess the cleanliness of each amphora. To know if a qvevri is ready to receive the grapes and the must, after a careful cleaning, we put water in it, and if the next day, when we drink that water, its taste is intact, then we consider it ready to be used.” Ilia is in Georgia taking care of the vineyards and the wine, while Archil is in Portugal, in his restaurant in Caldas da Rainha, promoting and showcasing Lisiwine in Portugal and Europe