Olho Marinho

Luis Gil

Factor XPTO: From vineyards to the sea.

Wines have been a passion for many years. In my parents’ house there was a wine cellar, with hundreds of classic Dão and Bairrada wines, which made me wake up to wine. Since that time, I have always looked for wines that “pulled” me. The interest took me to specialty fairs, to visit producers. I started tasting and getting to know more and more. During the process I met many people in the area and made many friends. Always in the process of tasting and learning, one day I decided “this year I’m going to make wine”, not least because the wine profile that I like was increasingly distant from those that the market, in general, had to offer.

I looked for old vines in Óbidos (where I live) and rented a 60 years old vineyard. That’s where Marinho was born, a wine with the characteristics and profile I like. Since this first vineyard, I now have several other vineyards, ranging in age from 40 to 110 years. I practice organic farming. I intend to make simple, fresh, saline and full of character wines, with minimal intervention in the cellar and without using SO2.