Las Vedras



Sobral de Monte Agraço

Pedro Marques e Sónia Raposo

Factor XPTO: Here it’s only wine!

“Las Vedras” (the old ones) project is based on working old vine parcels (35 to 80 y.o.) around the city of Torres Vedras, in the Lisbon region. Evident Atlantic sea breeze and limestone rich soils influence strongly our parcels in Pero Negro and Portela do Bispo, at the same time as the basalt dominates in the Dois Portos vineyard.
The local ancient varieties are Castelão and Tinta Miúda in the reds and Fernão Pires and Malvasia Rei in the whites.
Artisanal methods in the winery, long macerations, traditional basket press and long barrel aging, is the way to achieve a profound and lasting expression of these vineyards.