Lagazi Wines



Zemo Alvani

Shota Lagazidze

Factor XPTO: Good people always make good wine!

Lagazi family’ wine cellar started in 2015. It’s located in a fertile and sunny Kakheti valley, the traditional winery region of Georgia. The especially attractive trademark of our production is its versatility, as we pursue different branches of traditional agricultural field, such as wine making, baking and catering.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Georgia has emerged as a free country but with little idea on how to find its original way. We are part of a group that believes that in order to build the future you have to go back to the past and find the best traditions, which will give us the solid foundation to build our success and identity on
Wine has always been at the center of Georgian culture. The oldest archeological evidence of wine making in Georgia has been discovered in Kvemo Kartli.Through complex studies, archeologists have come to the conclusion that ancient Georgian tribes were already cultivating vineyards and making alcohol from them in the 6th century BC, some 3000 years before the production of wheat. Wine is perceived as a spirit and the essence of life, not for escapism but for enhancing the celebrations of human creativity, joy and love.

Our wine cellar is in Zemo Alvani. Originally our family is from the Caucasus mountains so we have successfully integrated two quite different cultures of the generous valley and the harsh mountains. You can taste Qvevri wine from different grape varieties and traditional Georgian cuisine from Tusheti and Kakheti. We have an open kitchen where you can participate in preparing some of the main traditional courses, such as Khinkali and Khachapuri.
We tried to make the inside of our cellar as authentic as possible, with old items kept from different places, like rugs, wine making tools that have not changed through centuries, pottery, furniture and etc. Our wine is already known in different private winemakers throughout the world. Our first exportation was to France, which was followed by Japan, Denmark, USA, Germany, Great Britain and Canada. Most of our guests really appreciate the Lagazi vibe we are so proud of.