karl Own



You do not need guidance, but you think you do. Guidance to what, a fixed point?

“I need more serious art … series … cereal … synthesis … que sera? …”
Sludge! I’m listening very badly, oops – seeing too …
Would it be clinically good or bad to follow this diaphanous logic of the promoter?

Well my dilettante nature will try diversity instead of seriousness, instead of sobriety and technical skill or pictorial quality, the attributes of instinct, the harsh tones of chance and the imaginary surprise: Pop goes the weasel.
In these years of artistic tricks calibrated by ready-made and its shoring, there were angels or demons that opened the game, various motifs aiming for themes and interactions, exploring the materials collected by chance, looking for meaning through the act of doing: favela’s carnival, bricklayer’s soul in a bourgeois body, simulacrum of a waste party that found a huge instant territory where everything happened, the extraordinary simplesmente … Vinho.
Yes, random crossing junctions clown, art epiphany acrobat, urban waste set designer or maybe not. To that wine ephemerality, go again, in the indeterminate parade, its faint glimpses, its emanation of elegant flavors, its innumerable effluvia, in the eloquent tone of poetry… and in my pieces of this unique phenomenon, celebration and symbiosis, revelation and joy, give a score, a breath, a latency.
And from this procession of collages, clippings, graffiti, installations, miracles and disappointments, perhaps a sweet charm in the breeze of memory will prevail. Ownerless vinegar. Keijo mao.