Jable de Tao


Lanzarote (Canarias)


Carmelo Peña Santana

Factor XPTO: Jable de Tao is the most moving terrain on earth in a bottle. When you drink Jable de Tao, you’re not just drinking, you’re maintaining a winemaking region unique to this world.

Jable de Tao is nothing more than the pursuit of a dream, the belief that you can make responsible, good wine; wines that acknowledge where they came from in every glass, acknowledging the influence and bond to a land and vine cared for by families, people with heart, maintained through generations that small piece of land their grandfather eagerly worked and then passed to the new generation with pride and hope.

The Project Jable de Tao winery bodega y viñedos is born in a tumultuous moment for viticulture not only on the island of Lanzarote but in all of the Canary Islands. Our commitment is to the struggle and the effort to make wines that speak for their native land without leaving behind the principal actors that make its growth possible: the farmers

After much effort in the last few years, our Project is seeing the light. It does this full of hope and happiness because we feel passion for viticulture, winemaking and the conservation of our landscape.