Casa Horácio Simões



Serra do Louro

Pedro Simões

Factor XPTO: Panterna Vintage Wines (heird wines) yesterday, today and tomorrow…..
(Panterna Vindemiae Defecatae (avita vina) heri, hodie et cras…)

Casa Horácio Simões is not a project but the way of life of the Horácio Simões Family.
In recent years, they have tried to ensure that their region (Setúbal/Palmela) is not seen by wine consumers as boring, banal wines and all identical. If now, or in a few years from now, Casa Horácio Simões’d be remembered as “guys who only vinified regional grape varieties and who went looking some grapes that were practically missing”, they think it was already worth it have lived.

The investment on producing wines in this way comes from their granfather, and they want to continue it and, iif possible, to pass it on to the next generation…
The winery and vineyards are located in the village of Quinta do Anjo, at the base of Serra do Louro (one of the three mountains that makes up Serra da Arrábida). Clay-limestone soils, from the natural erosion of the Serra, gives a different grace to the wines of this region.
The recovery and investment in grape varieties such as Moscatel Roxo, Boal, Bastardo, Rabo de Ovelha, and a few more that are up their sleeve, is not, and will not be, an angst against the other producers in the region, but rather a belief in their quality.

The vinification uses more and more ancestral method.s as they want the rusticity of dry wines and Moscatéis to continue to be expressed.
They say: “Long live the vineyards, and long live their wines!”