Enxofães (Cantanhede)

Luís Gomes

Factor XPTO: The Guardian of the old vineyards in Bairrada.

Product of Bairrada’s chalky terroir, between the foothills of the Serra do Buçaco and the sea, Giz wines express in a unique way the characteristics of the soil from where it originates. Thus, Giz is born in chalky nature soils, reminding GIZ (chalk). Says Luís Gomes: “The will to produce my own wine led me to develop a project in Bairrada, which I consider one of the best regions in the world to produce high quality wines”.

Giz project has as main focus the recovery of old traditional vineyards (saving them from being uprooted). Centennial vineyards, full of native varieties, where Baga, Bical and Maria Gomes predominate, planted in stony and poor soils, the raw material is scarce, but extremely precious. Luís adds: “We believe that our wines exhibit enormous authenticity and character, reflecting well their “terroir “, as well as mirroring the way we understand and relate to nature.”

The chalky nature soils, that allow the development of unique and unmistaken wines, help the retention of natural acidity and, conveying freshness and minerality, contribute for the authenticity, singularity and complexity of the final product.

The entire wine-growing process is developed in a sustainable manner, with the utmost commitment to respect the soil and nature, promoting biodiversity. Intervention in the natural process is minimal, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. After the artisanal winemaking, the wines slowly age for several months in French oak barrels.

In the end, we get wines with no masks, authentic, structured, elegant and complex, full-fledged with individuality and character, respecting the identity of the region and the character of its grape varieties.