Gerações da Talha



Vila de Frades

Teresa Caeiro

Factor XPTO: Unique wines crafted for generations

Gerações is a family business focused on production and promotion of the genuine art that is Vinho de Talha.

Located in Vila de Frades, in the heart of Alentejo, where two thousand years ago the Romans introduced the culture and the production method of this wine, this cellar, from the 18th century, has revealed itself as the perfect historical monument for the craftsmanship of the Talha wine.

Since the Roman occupation, this culture has been passed on from generation to generation, which allowed its techniques to survive. It was the great-grandfather Francisco Nogueira Anacleto who acquired the cellar and produced large quantities of wine and Aguardente in order to supply all Alentejo in fairs, taverns and restaurants.
As he fell ill, Francisco passed on this legacy to his son in law, Prof. Arlindo Ruivo, whom, with mastery, has dedicated a lot of his honored life to this art and knew how to transmit it as well to his daughter and granddaughter, who have propelled this project, Gerações da Talha.

In order to value and boost this nectar and dignify our region, we named our first wine “Farrapo”, an homage to all its inhabitants who are known as “farrapeiros”. This nickname derives from their modest garments – farrapos -, worn by the Capuchin Friars during the 16th century, in the chapel of S. Bento in Vila de Frades.