Gardunha Sul


Beira Interior


André Lourenço

Factor XPTO: The nature is respected, naturally!

After 15 years working in the classical oenology industry and other food industry areas, and fed-up of doing “coca-cola” wines, André Duque Lourenço decided to pursue a long-lasting dream: making wine in the Beira Baixa region, therefore Gardunha Sul was born.
The base idea behind the project is to make honest and uncomplicated wines, without any additions or finings, giving “the stage” to the grapes and vineyard. The main focus is always the same: minimum intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar, letting the grapes do their path to become wine, revealing all their potential in a natural way.
Another base of the project is to locate, recollect and reproduce ancient local and regional varieties, almost forgotten – they don’t aim at quantities, instead they aim at quality, typicity and identity. Only this way unique wine will be achieved.
The location of the winery allows to harvest grapes from the south part of the Gardunha mountain – where the grapes mature very well in the hot dry climate that imprint more body, structure, and alcohol; and grapes from the north side – were grapes have a longer period to mature due to a milder climate, which gives less alcohol, more natural acidity and more elegance. The conjugation of both sides results in a balance that only this region allows.