Galactic Wines



Ponte de Lima

Leli Dalla Costa e Miguel Viseu

Factor XPTO: An expedition in search of nature’s strength 

Embark on a nature-inspired expedition with Saravá, a family wine creation without prejudice in search of the force of nature, which begins its journey in the heart of the Sub Lima region, in Vinhos Verdes, in Ponte de Lima, Northwest of Portugal.

In 2018, Miguel and Leli’s wine passion sparked Saravá ‘s journey, giving rise to two wines – Saravá Loureiro and Saravá Skin Contact, both born in their garage. In the same year, Miguel also began his venture as a winemaker at Paraiso Natural, a 100% Loureiro from a special single vineyard. Building on this momentum, in 2019, Miguel, alongside two friends (one is Tiago Sampaio) and Leli, co-founded Nua Cider.

Miguel was born in Douro with part of his origins in Minho. After completing his academic journey in Ponte de Lima, he accumulated 10 years of professional experience in various regions around the world. Leli was born in the south of Brazil, graduated in Journalism, and they met when Miguel was working in Brazil and entered her store of natural and healthy products. After that, they embarked together on the discovery of new soils and landscapes until life led them to Ponte de Lima.

Saravá currently has 5 different wines and perhaps 2 still “in the oven”.

Saravá wines derive their character from the natural acidity and high pH of the local terroir, they are not fined or filtered. With minimal intervention, sulphite additions are kept to a minimum. Indigenous yeasts, combined with a delicate dance with lees and the subtle influence of different vats, shape the fermentation process, allowing the true expression of the selected grapes.

Galactic Wines, a product of Miguel’s vivid imagination, materializes by translating thoughts into winemaking art. This endeavour challenges the tightrope walk without safety nets, inviting you on a journey where nature and man play together and have fun!