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Oliveira do Hospital

Elisa Lobo

Factor XPTO: Respect for the land, work and wines

Elisa Lobo live:
“Freire Lobo is a family project that started in 2010 in Dão.
Our working philosophy is simple: to create authentic wines that faithfully mirror their origin, combining knowledge, art and nature, to produce each wine with its own character.
We work exclusively with traditional Portuguese varieties of Dão, because we believe that the variety has a fundamental importance in the identity of a wine.
The vineyards are located between 560 and 600 meters of altitude, in sandy granitic soils and are, from an early age, our priority. We have adopted sustainable and organic viticulture practices, based on respect for the soil, plants and life in their biodiversity in the vineyard.
In the cellar, we continue the work carried out in the vineyard. Intervention is minimal. The harvest is manual and the grapes are selected in the vineyard. Fermentations with indigenous yeasts, with low SO2, avoiding all other unnatural additives. The monitoring of the wine’s evolution is carried out rigorously so that each wine expresses the authenticity of our vineyards. In 2014 we created the first Vigno and over the years we have been experimenting and growing our family of wines.”