Domínio do Açor



Oliveira do Conde

Guilherme Corrêa

Factor XPTO: Terroir-driven wines from Dão, in pursuit of finesse, freshness, minerality and complexity.

A historic estate with a spectacular heritage of old vines was acquired by a group of Brazilian friends in 2021. Domínio do Açor is set in a fascinating atmosphere next to the medieval village of Oliveira do Conde, a small parish in the Carregal do Sal municipality, in Dão wine region. The name encapsulates the essence of the project: “Domínio” alludes to the philosophy of making great terroir-driven wines in Dão, only with grapes grown in the domaine itself, which extends over 24 hectares, 12 of which are vineyards planted interspersed with native woods, olive groves and orchards. And “do Açor” to evoke its geography, in front of Serra do Açor hills, as well as the unique effect that the surrounding mountains have on the style of Dão wines. With the consultancy of terroir master Pedro Parra, Marco Simonit on pruning and canopy management, and the oenology of the talented Luís Lopes, who has worked at Comtes Lafon in Burgundy and at the iconic Quinta da Pellada in Dão for almost 10 vintages, the style is one of elegance, freshness, and granite minerality. All in harmony with the environment and the local community, favouring organic cultivation and regenerative viticulture.