Devaneio Wines



Abrigada (Serra de Monejunto)

Nuno Ferreira

Factor XPTO: daydreaming – s.m. State of the person who wanders or gets carried away by imagination, memories or dreams.

Devaneio Wines is a family farming project in the Lisbon region next to the Serra de Montejunto. There is no farm, but several vineyards scattered throughout the villages of the parish of Abrigada and Cabanas de Torres in the municipality of Alenquer. 

The goal is to produce authentic wines that reflect the terroir of the region, with a minimalist viticulture and oenology philosophy. It is a sustainable project, which respects the place, the people, the culture of the region, as well as its biodiversity. 

With an entirely manual harvest where the choice of grapes is made in the vineyar, three wines are made. A red from a field blend of Alicante Bouschet and Syrah. And two whites, a single varietal from Viosinho and a skin-contact from Fernão Pires. Productions are very small, none of the wines exceeds 2’000 bottles/year. 

In the cellar there are rare cement deposits, with about 2’000 liters, in the form of standing barrels, manufactured in the north of the country between the 60s and 80s, and it is in them that most wines age.