Daughters of Madness




Joana & Luke Schomer

Factor XPTO: Bringing back old techniques, and taking it slow!

Daughters of Madness began its early stages of creation in the fall of 2016 when Luke and Joana decided to relocate to Portugal from the United States along with their growing family simply because the opportunity lent itself to them. They decided to strike while the iron was hot and they always wanted to have their own personal outlet for creativity and combine that with commerce.

Joana, a native of Portugal was able to help the company quickly assimilate into the market. She has a degree in the Visual arts alongside a strong Design background. Luke took control of production as he had several years of commercial wine and cider production experience at his disposal dating back to 2005. His journeyman role found him working on the West Coast, East Coast, and most importantly the lesser known “Middle Coast” where he was born, and began his career in winemaking/viticulture.

Daughters of Madness strictly focuses on small lot production procuring fruit from Portugal in attempts to showcase “Portugal” a lesser known part of the International cider and wine community. They are producing hard cider and currently have 4 ciders in their portfolio with the last release being a fusion style cider that contains hard cider, rose natural wine, and ocean water. The current vintage of natural wines consist of 4 wines, 2 of which have been aged in Amphora. According to company protocol the wine is never aged in oak, specifically the reds. It is their hope that the wines exude the natural fruit forward qualities without any interruption or white noise.

The Company has taken a “melting pot” approach to work. Whether it be producing a curtimenta style amphora aged white wine derived from ancient methodology, or taking a newer aged approach to creating cider fusions, the common denominator is always the same. They want to enjoy their time together trying to make products that speak to them, in hopes that their bottles cross the paths of consumers who share the same passion and ideology. Taking the road less traveled is a phrase used to commonly describe the company.

Several vintages in, Daughters of Madness feels as if they are inching closer each year concerning the types of natural wines they want to offer the public. The goal is to emulate the types of wine produced in the cooler regions of the United States. With shorter growing degree days, the harvests yielded grapes which contained more acid, and less sugar resulting in lower alcohol wines with bolder acidity. The focal point of the wines in the future will be a product that is lighter, sessionable, more unassuming and most importantly “fun”. It is a way for the company to pay Homage to the people who helped them along the way as workmates, mentors, and close friends.

Daughters of Madness is fairly young and different considering they bump shoulders with other producers who have been producing wines for over 100 years. Their future will continue on with their winemaking lifestyle always trying to incorporate their children in the activities of the cellar. According to the company it is the hope that one of the 3 daughters will enjoy the process so much that they eventually join the team and carry on the spirit of the company into the future.