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Constantino Ramos

Factor XPTO: Wines with character.

Constantino Ramos live:
“I was born in Vouzela (Dão-Lafões) in 1983 and after a first educational background in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Coimbra I wasn’t able to resist and went back to the countryside and after a few harvests in Dão and Douro in 2013 I went to Melgaço to work with “Mr. Alvarinho”, Anselmo Mendes.

In 2015 I accepted the challenge of a friend and taking advantage of a small vineyard over 70 years old, in Vale do Mouro, I started Zafirah. A red wine with minimal intervention that wants to pay tribute to the red wines of Monção, that were exported to England already in the XIV and XV centuries. Currently I’m in the process of recovering old vineyards to give more credit to the reds from Monção and Melgaço, which were in the past very famous and compared to the wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux clarets.

Of course because I was working with Mr. Alvarinho it was difficult to resist to also producing an Alvarinho wine. But it had to be something that could clearly show my vision of the variety in this specific terroir. So, using a small vineyard planted at about 250m high, I created Afluente. With this wine I show my interpretation of the Alvarinho variety: “I believe that this variety benefits from fermentation and aging in barrels and from it I try to extract more tension, austerity and a stressed acidity”. In January 2022 I decided to take a chance and I’m now 100% dedicated to my personal projects, always with the aim of making wines with character.”