Bua Wines


Kartli (and Kakheti)


Sandro Buadze

Factor XPTO: Don’t Worry Be Happy

We are a family winery based in Akhatani village, of Kartli region, Georgia. Our mission is to create fine wines, that tell the story of their origin. We believe in sustainable agriculture, minimal intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar, where we rely on ancestral Qvevri winemaking method.

It all dates back to the mid-19th century, when Simon Kobiashvili, my great great grandfather, decided to settle in Akhatani. As it was customary in that era for all households to make their own wine, Simon made sure that his marani was a jewel of the house, built according to the strict laws of ancestral wisdom and tradition. With the change of times and the advent of the Soviet Empire, most of the family’s lands were confiscated and transferred into public ownership. The Communist rule industrialised winemaking in the country, focusing on volume and homogenization, steering the country from its ancestral methods to satisfy the extreme demands of the Soviet Republics.

As throughout the 90’s the house was on the verge of destruction, my father decided to renovate the place. We resumed our tradition of spending summers in the village by 2015, which inspired me to reignite the winemaking tradition of my ancestors. Thus, as a family we started producing our very own, boutique natural wines.
In 2018, we have purchased a 0.4 ha Rkatsiteli vineyard in Tsarapi PDO, Kardenakhi village, Kakheti. The vines are 15 years old on average. In 2021 we have planted a 0.42 ha land plot beside our house with Goruli Mtsvane vines. We also source Goruli Mtsvane and Chinuri grapes from organically farmed old vineyards of a nearby village. We do our best, to farm all of our land with respect to nature. We do not use any systemics or herbicides. Basically, we only treat the vines with low doses of Bordeaux mixture and sulphur, upon necessity. Yields are kept to a low to moderate level, with the aim to create wines with character and expression of terroir.
Our cellar is located in Kartli region, while our vineyards are located in both Kartli and Kakheti. Therefore, we are focused on producing endemic varieties from these two locations: Rkatsiteli (Kakheti), Goruli Mtsvane and Chinuri (Kartli).