Elias Macovela

Elias Macovela: “Wine has always been a part of my life. My passion for wine was nurtured through my blog, ‘o vinho é efémero’ (wine is ephemeral), from which I embarked on a great journey to discover Portuguese wines, wines from around the world, and ancient wines.

During this journey, I discovered the regions of Dão and Bairrada. I fell in love with the old red wines of Dão and the white wines of Bairrada, and thus, I decided to start my production project in these two regions.

This is how BAILADOR was born in 2019, made from the Jaen grape in the Dão region. In 2022, Milorho Branco Maria Gomes and Bical (Bairrada) and Milorho Tinto Baga (Bairrada) were born.

In Dão, I have a winery and vineyard in the village of Carvalhal Redondo, and in Bairrada, the vineyards are located in Anadia and Cantanhede, with the winery situated in the village of Fogueira.”