Baia’s Wine




Baia Abuladze

Factor XPTO: Baia’s Wine is a three-generational family organic winery located in Georgia.

Baia’s Wine is a three-generational family organic winery located in Georgia, the birthplace of wine, in the village of Obcha, west Georgia. Baia and her family have been growing grapes and producing wine for over three generations and they are proud to share their wine with the world as wine has always been a big tradition. All of the wine is made using grapes only grown on their own vineyards in Obcha. All the wines are aged in the family wine cellar. Three generations of the family work on the vineyard to deliver traditional organic Georgian wine made in Qvevri. 

The village of Obcha boasts a unique micro-climate for growing the grapes that are used to make Baia’s wines.  Obcha is located east of the Sairme mountains, which gives a slightly higher angle for the rays of the sun and a greater solar intensity. At 324 meters above sea level, the land offers an ideal location for growing premium wine grapes. The perfect balance of geography, micro-climate and well-drained soil come together to create the perfect environment for Baia’s exquisitely handcrafted wines. The heavy cold air that collects between the high peaks during the night drains off the heights, much like water, joining cold moist air, creating a double cooling effect. the cool nighttime temperatures are critical in developing high quality grapes. The alluvial soil, with clay, gravel, sand and limestone has another significant influence on wine quality. The limestone offers good drainage in the wet years, retaining much needed moisture in the dry vintages, while adding various mineral elements to the soils, which transfer to the gorgeous grapes.