Authentic Wines




Pedro Cabanita e Rodrigo Martins

Factor XPTO: Authentic Wines for Authentic People!

Authentic Wines is a brand created by two friends that share the same attitude towards life – be authentic in everything they do! And the wines are no exception! They grow Portuguese varieties of grapes in the middle and north of Lisboa region, near the sea. The grapes are grown in Organic Farming. The wines we produce are natural wines (wines with minimum or no intervention on the cellar) that reflect the natural characteristics of the varieties and have an Atlantic influence, with a natural acidity and freshness (sometimes even saltiness).

They supervise all the operations in the vineyard, with a purpose: achieving the highest quality and freshness on the grapes, in a sustainable way. This is a very important aspect when producing natural wines, because there is almost no possibility of correcting mistakes in the cellar.

They met in the University, in Lisbon, a long time ago, they are both Agronomists. Rodrigo Martins, the winemaker and Co-Founder of Authentic Wines is from Óbidos, in the west part of Portugal, in the Lisboa region. Pedro Cabanita, the other Co-Founder, is from Santarém, 80 km North from Lisbon, in the center of Portugal.

The knowledge and experience acquired by them, together with the strong friendship and common way of seeing life, makes them believe in what they do – Authentic Wines for Authentic People!