Areias Gordas




Thomaz Vieira da Cruz

Wines from Terra Larga, 15 ha of vineyards in Salvaterra de Magos (plus 3 ha in Praia do Ribatejo), which is surely one of the most versatile terroirs in Portugal. At Terra Larga, every year we look at the vineyard, and throughout the cycle we are inspired by what the next Areias Gordas will be. Each year is a year, and therefore each harvest has its own composition and personality. There is a clear thread, but each one provides different sensations to the test. This is also why different vintages and wine profiles from the same vineyard coexist at the same time, not canceling each other out but completing each other.

Each of these wines is an interpretation, with its own identity of the soil, climate, and grape varieties that gave rise to them. Given the history of the house, we can guarantee a long life in the bottle, but it already gives a beautiful taste and an excellent gastronomic integration.

Natural it’s the vinegar, and just the bad: wine exists because there is human intervention. Making wine is preserving, and if possible enhancing, always without distorting, what the vineyard gives us. Natural is therefore vinegar. But, also, if you only like wines that taste like bananas or red fruit compote, this is not the place to find them.