André e João



André Cabrita e João Ribeiro

Anyone who wants to find him should look for him in a kitchen: in the bakery Royale, Porto, in another private house, or in a space that has provided the stage for yet another pop-up. This has been the last 4 years of André Cabrita, the “son of the cook” — he was almost born in a restaurant kitchen, which seems to explain a lot.

After 4 years in London to study design and multimedia, he returned home to Aveiro, where he decided it was time to start cooking seriously, even if it was to do home deliveries to anyone who wanted to taste his food, which was almost always inspired by the cuisines of other countries. He confidently plays the game of spices and feels and, since he was a child, he has had the desire to handle ingredients, even the less noble ones.
Today, he rejects shortcuts to what requires time and prefers to be“hands on” — he often says that he is an old man from Restelo in the kitchen, but only because he is afraid that the gastronomic identity of Portugal, which guided his growth, will fall into oblivion.

Along the way, he found Goela, hiding in Boavista, under the command of João Ribeiro. It was love at first sight and, since then, there have been many events where they cooked together. There are things that cannot be explained, and this relationship of love for cooking and the pleasure of serving well, are some of them. Anyway, simplesmente… André and João.