Amoreira da Torre




Paulo Sendin

Factor XPTO: Grapes from free and healthy vines yield authentic, wise and unique wines.

The history of Quinta da Amoreira da Torre began more than 6’000 years ago…
From this distant past, there is the megalithic dolmen and the sixteenth-century tower that gives the wine its name.
The history of the vineyard begins more recently, back in 2001, when it was decided to plant the current vineyard, 20 hectares with Portuguese varieties from the region. The terroir is
characterized by granitic soils, abundant groundwater and a Mediterranean climate.

The first Amoreira da Torre wine was born in 2003.
In 2005, against the trend of the sector, the entire vineyard and the wine were converted
to organic, having been the first vineyard in Alentejo to certify organic Alentejo wines in the CVRA.
Since 2005, the vineyard and all Amoreira da Torre wines are certified as Bio.
Paulo Sendin and his sister Rita are the owners who started this story. Paulo is responsible for the wines, the cellar and the vineyard and iit was with this vineyard and these grapes that he learned to make wine.
And he quickly learned that the secret of good wine is in nature and in the vineyard that
produced the grapes freely, much more than in the cellar or in the vanity of the winemaker.