Álvar de Dios



El Pego (Zamora)

Álvar de Dios Hernández

Factor XPTO: Respect, tradition, terroir, locale

Devotion to and respect for the land, commitment to nature and the embrace of tradition have guided the wine-growing career of Álvar de Dios Hernández since 2008, the year in which he took over his grandfather Donaciano’s century-old vineyards on El Pego, planted on quaternary sand banks in the Toro DO (Zamora).

This is where the red Aciano came from. A year later came a white companion, Vagüera, arising from a small and historic terroir in El Maderal (Zamora), El Rapadal vineyard which preserves more than twelve native white grapes varieties. A year later, a Malvasía white was born with the same brand, but from another estate, Las Mansas.

In 2014, Álvar de Dios established his own winery and then, in 2015, expanded into a little-known wine-growing region with huge potential: Arribes del Duero. From tiny, centuries-old vines, many of them planted on terraces or river bluffs, and rooted in soils rich in white slate and pyrite, come wines that capture the age-old taste and culture of the mysterious borderlands in Camino de los Arrieros, Las Vidres and Yavallo.