Adega do Vulcão



Capelo (Horta)

Cinzia Caiazzo & Gianni Mancassola

Factor XPTO: Genuine wines, where minerality is the most evident note.

The Adega do Vulcão, a recent wine project, aims to produce high quality white wines from specific areas in the Azores islands. Currently, the project has vineyards on the islands of Faial and Pico.

The vineyards on the island of Faial are planted in the magnificent landscape of the Capelinhos volcano, whose eruption occurred in 1957-1958. On the island of Pico, the old vineyards are in the heart of the World Heritage site, planted in the cracks of the lava crust between basalt stone walls.

Rare and precious, the wines are the result of native grapes produced from soils with unique and opposite personalities. The volcanic ashes of the “Capelinhos” and the basalt mantle of the “Lajido da Criação Velha” share the intense influence of the North Atlantic Ocean and result in a vibrant palate and marked minerality, where the notes of flint stone are evident.

Grapes are vinificated with minimal intervention, respecting the characteristics of the place, which gives our wines unique features, expression of a genuine terroir.