Vieira de Sousa




Luísa Borges

The Vieira de Sousa family has been producing Port wine for at least for 5 generations. Our Great Grandfather José Silvério Vieira De Sousa created the brand “Vieira de Sousa” and started the Port wine bottling business.

Years later, due to the devastation of phylloxera and the financial stress that resulted from years of no production, his son José Ermelindo, made the very difficult decision of selling the brand.

But in 2008, with the new generation taking over the bussiness, Luísa with the help of her father António decided to invest again in the bottling and production of Port wine. A new warehouse and equipment were aquired and the family was back in the business of producing and bottling Port and Douro DOC wines.All our wines are produced with grapes from the 4 quintas of the family, covering almost 60 hectares in the Douro Valley: Quinta da Água Alta, Quinta do Fojo Velho, Quinta Fonte and Quinta do Roncão Pequeno all of them located along the Douro River.