Tim Madeira


Given Tim Madeira’s work, we note that there is no real difference between what we traditionally call material and what we know as spiritual. All his work is like a calligraphy of the spirit, the direct transmission of impulses, reflections, feelings that gradually become shape, plastic thinking.
It is a transcendent proposal that transmits spirit to matter, using a rich repertoire substantially symbolic and deeply codified, which finds in space, signs and color, a domain of a unifying conceptual language.
Tim Madeira’s works concretize multiple interpretations, as they are intrinsically free. They promote the spectator’s imaginative freedom by enabling different sensations through the act of enjoyment of the work. A fruition that carries movement, energy, and life, in a clear allusion to what is contemporary.
Their matter-laden canvases invite us to appreciate the difference. Communication is born in the spirit through gestures of color that echo in space in mysterious spots, and on surfaces torn by deep chromatism, sometimes ardently and compromising, sometimes creating mismatches of sensibility, in fluid and architecturally granted brush strokes, in a clear epitome of a perfect balance.
Tim Madeira is an artist who paints the sensation. His work is expressed beyond ink, using the act of painting to justify, which transcends his works. Regardless of the material, he emphasizes in his work the multiple and the idyllic scenarios that lead the observer to what is most intimate within him. It is an open work that does not contain a concept, but that opens to infinite interpretations.

Álvaro Lobato de Faria, Coordinating Director of the MAC (Movimento Arte Contemporânea)