Senzu Coffee Roasters



Rua do Rosário

Diogo, Gio, David

XPTO Factor: Grow some beans!

“We are a small specialty coffee roaster dedicated to presenting seasonal coffees, since 2019.
At Senzu, our goal is to let the coffee beans be themselves. Forget dark roasts – we roast according to the roots, not the rules. Each coffee has a story, and we’re here to let them speak for themselves.

Our secret? It’s not really a secret – just a blend of passion, precision, and a touch of quirky fun! We have a mission to make every cup an adventure full of flavors.
We focus our offering on traceable coffees. We don’t work with anonymous coffees; we seek producers who want to share their favorite cherries with us. Transparency is not only in the story of our beans but in everything we do. No frills, just good and honest coffee!

Quality is a must, but we don’t consider ourselves coffee snobs. We’re here to elevate your coffee experience without unnecessary complications. Drink, savor, and smile.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a new morning ritual, join us on this tasty journey. Here’s to good coffee and good moments!”