Quinta do Romeu




João Menéres

XPTO Factor: Nothing is flat at Romeu. Neither landscape nor clima, neither people… nor aromas!

Quinta do Romeu belongs to Menéres family, who got delighted with this region of Portugal in 1874. In the meanwhile, is in the 6th generation and has passed the establishment of the Portuguese Republic, two world wars, the revolution of 1974 and the European integration. They are persistent enough to stay in this isolated region of the country and had the audacity to preserve the mosaic of crops that exists there, which proved to be extremely valuable when was time to make a return to the origins and reset. Thus, being able to get free from the monotonous uniformity of many of the world’s wines.

The vineyards, the olive groves, the cork oak forest and two streams coexist at Romeu interlaced on their natural way, forming a living patchwork. The wines naturally reflect all this. Although with the robust character from Douro, they come sleek and delicate from this distinctive location.

The average altitude of the vineyards is 300m above the sea level, with multiple sun exposures and are (literally) those found further north-east in the Douro demarcated region with a strong continental influence. Shale schist and quartz soils on the transition to granite. Dry climate, with both daily and yearly wide thermal variations. The farming is certified organic since 1997.