Quinta do Poeta




Gabriela e Nuno Santos

Factor XPTO: Quinta do Poeta: simple wines, but very rich in its essence.

The poet Fausto José, born in Aldeias, Armamar, more precisely in Aldeia de Cima, published several literary works between 1928 and 1966.

In addition to his vast literary work and his passion for nature and hunting, this Grandfather and Poet Fausto planted vineyards assertively, or simply… at the best altitudes. White varieties, about 2.5 hectares, in Aldeia de Cima at 620 meters, and the red ones, 15 hectares in Aldeia de Baixo, on the half slope, 350 – 450 meters.

And, with the same love for the Douro that Fausto José transmitted to all his work, his descendants have now created the wines in his honor, the wines of Quinta do Poeta.