Quinta do Perdigão




José Perdigão

Quinta do Perdigão, one of the most awarded wineries in the Dão region since 1997.

Our first vines were planted in 1997, and first wine produced in 1999, setting the path for the quality that we have become recognised for. This first wine Quinta do Perdigão produced, won the best wine in the region, and since then we have never looked back! Quinta do Perdigão has produced some of the most prized wines in the Dão Region, both nationally and internationally, distinguished by “The Wine Opus, A 21st century reference to more than 4,000 of the world’s greatest wineries and their wines”.

Our vineyard is a family production of only 8 hectares, organically worked and certified to ensure the quality of all that we produce.

Generations of knowledge and work and passion go into our wine. We want you to experience all of this and the granitic soil underfoot, the sun on the grapes, the breeze that brings scents of the Mediterranean forest, the careful hands that pick them, and the gentle rain that nourishes them. All of this, in a bottle.

Organic, Family Run Vineyard. Winery Tour & Wine Tasting & Shop. Let’s celebrate life… Cheers!

Wine is an art form! Going hand in hand with painting, music, dance, poetry, architecture… Where we search to find the perfect balance!”